Co-work, Co-Create, Collaborate.

Weserland is a cozy co-working space in the heart of Neukölln with a personal style that welcomes all of you – creatives, programmers, writers, students, journalists, artists, film makers, photographers, small business owners and startups or even a Berlin visitor who just needs a nice temporary & concentrated work atmosphere.

Weserland is home to a vibrant international community of early birds and night owls with 24/7 access and a fantastic espresso machine and club mate fridge.

Good coffee at last!

With the coffee flatrate you are entitled to create as much espresso, latte, americano and other coffee wonders as you can drink. For the coffee nerds amongst us – it’s a brand new IB7 barista machine. We use freshly grinded Berlin beans

Fast Laser-Printer

Free printing up to 40 pages/month, on top of that 5 cents per page


Nothing is worse than a slow or ever breaking wifi connection. For this reason Weserland offers 3 fast and reliable networks to make sure you are always on.

Telephony room

For important or longer phone calls

24/7 Access

With your personal pin-code


With fridge, freezer, gas stove/oven etc – save money by cooking instead of ordering pizza every day 🙂


refresh yourself with a short sleep in our bed or hammock

Fixed Desk
320€per month
  • Choose a desk you like and it's yours. You can leave your monitor, books, etc
  • 24/7 Access
  • gross price
Part-Time Floating
100€per month
  • if you prefer not to work full time take our part time deal:
  • 2 days per week only
  • 24/7 Access
  • Gross price
Short Floating Space
100€2 weeks
  • for nomads, Berlin-visitors and everybody working on short projects which can be finished in two weeks!
  • 24/7 Access
  • Gross price
Trial Ticket
  • try coworking at Weserland!
  • If you sign up for a month afterwards, the price of day ticket will be deducted.
  • fast, reliable WiFI + external monitor
  • - please register via E-Mail in advance -

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